Meet Our Team



Since childhood, dancing has been a major area of my life, and today I care about a vibrant range of products for dancers around the world, and heck, I'm so proud of that! I am a master at building grand plans and strategies, I even have a plan on how to write a new plan) I don't need much from life: to change the world and something sweet.


I make sure that the QUEEN team is efficient, happy, and does not relax.I am a fan of innovations,studying and implementing new features for continuous improvement of processes - this is my main motivation.As for my interests:snowboarding, kite surfing, diving, skydiving, in general, I'm one of those who are always in a search for some "troubles'


I convert designer ideas from sketches into comfortable and cozy QUEEN clothes! I believe that every dancer in the world deserves to look cool while feeling completely comfortable. For my part, I’m doing everything to make it a reality. I love jazz music, baking cookies,and treating people who I care about with love


I am a watchman of constant quality of QUEEN products. My main task is to organize production. I am also making sure that all orders are sent to their future owners on time. I love all sorts of changes that make me step out of my comfort zone and learn something new. My dream is to go on a trip around the world on one of my vacations.


I work every day to ensure that finances arrive quickly and safely from anywhere in the world in the most convenient ways for you. I break the common stereotype that an accountant-financier is a boring scumbag who can't be seen behind a mountain of papers. I love team games, detective books and movies with a "twisted" plot and coffee .... a lot of coffee.


I provide customer support on any issues.
My mission is a happy and satisfied customer who loves the Queen brand as much as I do) Nothing is impossible for me!
My ideal rule is "Treat others the way you want to be treated”.
I like reading books, joking and, of course, sorting email.


With my help, our wholesale partners replenish their stocks with QUEEN products. And I am trying to make this process as comfortable as possible.I always keep the balance in my work and know when you can turn on energetic music,open a bottle of wine, and get down to work and move mountains with my team. So far, I'm better at writing poetry and having fun than at a pole dance, but you never know. In my imagination, I'm like a graceful doe (yes,there should be a funny smile) and there are many ways ahead for my personal development. So,movement and change are my motivation!


My words are connecting QUEEN and you from the pages of social accounts, website, and emails. My mission is to make the brand clear and open to everyone. And I'm sure I can do it! I enjoy living in the age of digital technology, I adore inventions that simplify routine work or allow you to be more efficient. At the same time, I try to be environmentally friendly, both in my thoughts and actions. And I believe in the Good and often hear from others that I am too naive, but not in this team. Support is one of the main things in our team.