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queen knee pads black fire buy queen pole dance knee pads
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Grippy knee pads - Black Fire
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queen grip knee pads for dance 1 queen липкие наколенники для танцев 5
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Grippy knee pads - Nude-Latte
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queen wear knee pads for dance 1 queen бренд наколенники для танцев 9
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Classic knee pads - Black Fire
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Grippy knee pads - Sleek Black Grippy knee pads - Sleek Black
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Grippy knee pads - Sleek Black
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22D5642 22D5677
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High Shorts - Black Candy Long
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21.12 Dance clothes0745 Кропнути шорти
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21.12 Dance clothes0759 Кропнути спина
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22D5682 кропнути під деталі
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Recommendations for disposal of QUEEN knee pads We strive to be a socially responsible brand and strive to reduce our...

right knee pads

QUEEN knee pads care useful tips on how to retain all their qualities for many years  We sincerely want QUEEN...

right knee pads

The appearance of the kneepads Nude collection received a great response from the Queen clients and followers of social networks. That’s why we asked Victoria, the co-founder...

Queen clients, sports uniform and accessories

Are you going to go to a pole dancing class for the first time and wondering what to wear to...

sports uniform and accessories

Queen Wear

Queen Wear is a brand of professional knee pads and clothing for Pole Dance, which is created to delight you, give comfort, and complement your personality. Our goal is to make you feel like a queen during training.

This is all for pole dance - clothes and knee pads designed for bright and safe workouts, a sense of your perfection and grace, ease of movement at any intensity of exercise.

Floor dance products are made of specialized elastic materials that provide comfort, the necessary level of protection, reliability and quality. And the design of the models creates a bright, unique, seductive, feminine image that can be soft, delicate, or rapidly daring.

Queen Pole Dance is all about:

QUEEN knee pads are a professional collection of protective accessories for training and performances with a functional design and non-standard design in a varied palette.

QUEEN clothing is presented in unique collections with stylish designs. Models can be purchased separately or as a set.                                                                    

QUEEN is more than just things, these are things that create an impression, give a feeling, and make your pole dance life brighter, more multifaceted, more ideal. Each product is thought out to the smallest detail. We value not only the view from the outside but also your inner comfort. Therefore, you can be sure that your outfit will not let you down in any conditions. He will be obedient and always sit perfectly on the body.

We care about you because we know how to do it!