What to wear to pole dancing: a sports uniform and accessories

What to wear to pole dancing: a sports uniform and accessories

Are you going to go to a pole dancing class for the first time and wondering what to wear to a pole dancing class? And the answer seems to be obvious: a beautiful and comfortable sports outfit. But after the first workouts, there are more and more questions. What do pole dancers wear to make their bodies slip less? How do they avoid blisters? How to train to avoid bruises? It’s time to deal with all the details of pole dance uniforms and shoes. Everything is in order not to think what to wear to pole dancing class every time. And the main thing is that training should only bring pleasure.

What to wear to first pole dancing class

Pole dance is not just fun. This is a direction that requires the performance of physically difficult exercises on a special pole. Beautiful and seductive dance includes elements of sports gymnastics. Therefore, we recommend you to pay special attention to what you wear to pole dancing class. Good results cannot be achieved without a comfortable uniform and the right accessories.

At the first lesson, you will have to devote a lot of time to warm-up. For this, you will need an outfit, which will cover the entire body in order to retain heat to the maximum. These can be comfortable leggings and elongated T-shirts. Such clothing will warm all muscles, ligaments and joints. This way you can avoid injuries and sprains.

But in such clothes it will not be possible to stay on the pole. Therefore, to practice on a pole, you need more open clothing – a short top and shorts. Your everyday outfit is unlikely to be suitable for training, because a special form for practicing pole dance has its own peculiarities.

What to wear to first pole dancing class:

  • the lining of the form is made of natural fabric;
  • the seams are as hidden as possible but at the same time they are soft and elastic;
  • elastic bands on clothes should not pinch the body but at the same time effectively hold it;
  • the fabric should be quick-drying, elastic and breathable.

Besides, the trainer may ask you to bring high-heeled shoes. Yes, these shoes will allow you to perform elements on the pole. The heel helps to maintain posture, strengthens the leg muscles and just adds confidence. For the first lesson, comfortable shoes with stable heels are suitable.

If you decide to continue training, you should think about more than what you wear to pole dancing class. We are talking about the purchase of special shoes. It reduces stress on the joints, and its sole facilitates contact with the surface of the pole.

What to bring to your first pole dancing class:

What should I wear to my first pole dancing class? Special leggings, socks and sweaters will help you quickly warm up during workout. They warm up the muscles, retain heat longer, which means it will be easier for you to stretch. Conveniently, they can be worn on any clothing.

For better grip on the pole, there are additional accessories:

  • gels and powders to make your palms sweat less;
  • wax to enhance a grip on the pole;
  • elastic bands and bandages to reduce stress on joints and muscles;
  • fasteners for performing tricks, fastened over the shoes;
  • gloves to reduce soreness when practicing the same trick for a long time;
  • knee pads to protect joints and avoid bruising;
  • a garter belt to keep the knee pads from slipping and last longer.

What to wear to pole fitness class to make your workouts effective

Pole dance is a new kind of fitness that allows you to quickly achieve slenderness. Pole dancing classes will help to make the muscles relief and bring the body into shape in the shortest possible time. It’s also just beautiful and sexy.

In addition to comfortable clothing, be sure to bring a hair tie. A notebook with a pen will not be extra to write down and memorize the order of movements. There will be a lot of new elements, believe me. Don’t forget to have a supply of water and a towel to wipe off sweat during classes. Do not hesitate; you will definitely sweat during such classes. Do not apply the cream before fitness, because it will worsen the contact with the pole.

Remember that the result and well-being depends on what you wear to pole fitness class. Therefore, the three main rules for clothing are:

  1. Durable.
  2. Elastic.
  3. Maximum functional.

Stop list: what is definitely not useful at the classes?

Now you know what to wear to pole classes. But for the training to be effective and safe, you need to understand that it is absolutely not necessary to take to the studio. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of things that will definitely not be useful in the pole dancing hall:

  1. Hearty snack. It is better to eat an hour and a half before class, so as not to faint hungry. And during training, you will hardly think about a juicy burger. It is easier to lie on the couch on a full stomach than to perform complex exercises on a pole.
  2. Jeans. No matter how comfortable and loved your trousers are, they have no place in training. They can cause injury and strains.
  3. Oil. Yes, some athletes use oil or cream to show muscle relief. It is better not to do this in pole dancing classes – the risk of falling increases significantly.
  4. Decorations. Beautiful earrings or a massive bracelet will undoubtedly make the image brighter, but dealing with such accessories, to put it mildly, is uncomfortable. Especially if you’re a beginner.
  5. Sneakers. Ideally, you need to buy special shoes. But it’s better to train barefoot or in socks than sneakers. The foot is actively working on the pole, so the sneakers will definitely not fit.

What to wear to pole dancing party

After several months of classes in a dance school, I really want to show my results on the dance floor. So going to the party is a great way to relax and practice pole dancing. Follow the general guidelines for clothing to pole dancing classes, but pay attention to the theme of the event. For example, you can choose knee pads or a top by color.

Now you know what to wear to pole dancing class. Questions like “What will I wear to pole dancing class?” and “What to wear to pole fitness?” don’t have to bother anymore. This means that you can relax and do all your best in training. Good results!