Really Nude collection!

Really Nude collection!

The appearance of the kneepads Nude collection received a great response from the Queen clients and followers of social networks. That’s why we asked Victoria, the co-founder and designer of the brand, to tell us about the creation of this collection.

Editor: Vika, let’s tell the blog readers about the kneepads collection Nude. 

   Victoria: A great idea. What do we start with?

   E: Tell us what inspired you to create this collection and why now?

   V: In fact, the Queen choice has included kneepads in various nude shades for a long time. Until 2020, these were beige colors – Caramel, lighter Ivory and darker Cacao. In 2020 we had some difficulties with the fabric supply for these models of kneepads and we are actively looking for new materials.

queen наколенники липкие для танцев 4

   We found a great supplier offering different nude shades, among which we selected four. Then we decided to combine them into a single Nude collection.

   Personal experience inspired the creation of nude kneepads. I started making kneepads when I was a professional dancer. At that time it was difficult to find the aesthetically looking kneepads. I wanted more – to find kneepads that would be invisible. That’s why nude kneepads were among the first models in the Queen choice.

   E: Do clients have difficulties in choosing the right shade?

   V: For your convenience, we have created a special mask on Instagram with which you can choose the appropriate shade of nude kneepads. Just visit our Instagram profile @queenfordance and choose the NUDE KNEE PADS mask.

   And of course, our manager is always eager to help with choosing a model, and it is actual not only for the Nude collection.

   E: Does the brand plan to expand the Nude collection?

   V: Of course, if clients request for it, we are ready to introduce new shades to this collection.

   While we are observing with pleasure how the popularity of this collection grows and we continue to release new models of kneepads and not only in trendy shades of 2021.

   Here is what Instagram users think of the Nude collection: